Fireplace stone veneer to match a variety of design stylesWe share why stone veneer panels are the right choice for you.
Fireplaces are a favourite among homeowners because they are a warm and welcoming place for guests to gather. While many consumers will install a fireplace in their living room they are often a necessary for a cold basement and can be intimate addition to the bedroom.

Stone veneer panels are a great way to update your fireplace facade. They are easy to work with and will cover a larger area than a stone by stone installation making them ideal for DIY homeowner in search of a weekend project.

Natural and manufactured stone veneer panels unique properties are a stylish and trending alternative to traditional grouted stone types and are durable to withstand weather and temperature conditions.

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Fireplace stone veneer panels are a beautiful option to update a dated fireplace
Natural gas and wood burning fireplaces are still very much in high demand when home buyers are looking for their forever home. If you have an area, like a bedroom or basement interior wall where installing a gas line is impossible to do, an electric fireplace is another option.

We offer stone veneer panels in 5 options
1. Quartzite ledgestone
2. Natural ledgestone
3. Timeberledge stone
4. Quick-fit
5. Polymer faux stone siding

Quartzite ledgestone is a natural stone panel that provides a hint of sparkle available in Oyster Shell, Snow White and Midnight Black. Corners are created by interlocking panels. Quartzite stone has been used to modernize fireplaces due to its sleek finish and thin pieces.

Natural ledgestone is available in interlocking tile format, making them easy to install. Available in Ivory, Rustic and Charcoal these blends of natural earth tones create a flawless and unique finish on every project.

Timber ledgestone gives you the look of randomly stacked stone with longer stone pieces that bulge out. Available in a variety of browns, reds and grey tones, this particular stone is perfect for fireplaces, creating the ideal county style, time worn appearance.

The Quick-fit series is offered in a wide range of colours available in two attractive textures. The first is more rugged with smaller stacked stones while the second incorporated larger stones for a contemporary feel.

Polymer faux stone siding is injection-moulded with technology that ensures the siding will withstand extreme temperatures and discolouration. Available in three styles including, stacked, dry stacked and premium cut, these faux stone siding panels mimic the textures and colours of natural stone without the maintenance or weight.

Choose stone veneer panels to update your fireplace
Image a fireplace in a room that you have a plain wall. Adding a fireplace clad in stone veneer is a great choice. With options of natural stone veneer panels or manufactured stone veneer panels you will find one that suits your style. Stone veneer panels are available in easy to install stone veneer panels in a wide range of styles and colour options to choose from.

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Fireplace stone design
Read what Melissa of Burlington said
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We had Stone Selex come out and stone our fireplace this year. They did an amazing job.They were on time, on budget and kept the mess to a minimum inside our house. I would recommend them to friends in the future.

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